About Us

Founded in 1919, we are an established UK company with a long, rich history of handmade bookbinding, producing high quality bespoke diaries, journals, luxury stationery, business gifts and leatherbound goods.

We produce a comprehensive range of great value branded journals, such as At A Glance (best known for "the little red window indicator"), our vibrant and colourful Charfleet range, our traditional and modern Dataday brand (great for the essential office diary!), and the reliable and portable Sherwood diary.

We also create a vast range of high end diaries, notebooks, address books, photo albums and guest books, which are bound with the finest quality materials, utilising traditional British craftsmanship and expert attention to detail. These brands include Lloyd's of London which has an international reputation for its high quality design, Leathersmith of London, known for its trademark calf leatherbound journals and diaries, and the latest member of our family, the beautiful Organise-Us.

We have long worked with a number of premium clients and major retailers. Give us a call on 01268 510 123 to discover more about the bespoke services we can offer you.