Rock Star

Rock Star
Charfleet Book Bindery are excited to present our new
“Rock Star” journal paying homage to Canvey Island’s
favourite sons, Doctor Feelgood.
Formed in 1971, the group’s original distinctively British R&B
sound was centred on Wilko Johnson's choppy guitar style.
Along with Johnson, the original band line-up included singer
Lee Brilleaux and the rhythm section of John B. Sparks,
known as "Sparko", on bass guitar and John Martin, known
as "The Big Figure", on drums.
Although their most commercially productive years were the
early to mid-1970s, and in spite of Brilleaux's death in 1994 a
version of the band continues to tour and record to this day.
Made in our bindery on Canvey Island, this new journal
celebrates all things Rock and Roll !