LE265185 Matte Beige
LE265187 Matte Terracotta
LE265193 Matte Black
LE304678 Matte Light Green
LE306071 Matte Pastel Blue
LE306072 Matte Pastel Lilac
LE265190 Brown Shell

The essential accessory!

No need to search for your phone at the bottom of your bag or on your desk, it’s with you all of the time. Perfect for having your hands free while doing other things, our chains can be worn crossbody or as a necklace. Our jewelry chains measure 120cm and are made of ultra-resistant resin with golden carbiners. You can remove the chain easily at any time and change it according to your outfits and your desires. You can also adapt your phone regardless of make with any of the different chains that we offer or stay with a with a strap style of your choice that suits your daily needs. 

Colours available: Matte beige, Matte Terracotta, Matte Emerald ,Matte Black, Matte Light Green,  Matte pastel Blue ,Matte Pastel Lilac, Matte Jade Green, Brown Shell, Beige Shell, Pink Shell.

Size: 120cm

Please note:  Phone chains, cases and adapters sold separately.


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